Sunday, January 2, 2011

what is third wave?

Honestly? It is an opportunity for today's feminists to not be scared about where they are in this world. In love with our loved ones and interested and bewildered by our world at large we can express why.

Yes. Both the first wave and second waves of feminism made far too little a voice for poor women and women of colour when it came time to sit at the table. Feminists in the 60's and 70's slammed sex bombs like Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, and Erica Gavin (all women who made it on their own and worked non-stop) yet how much money did these same Second wave women pay their fellow sisters who were their nannies and maids watching the farm while they went to work? Did they ever fight tooth and nail to give them healthcare, unions or a living wage? Noooooooo...they fought to live like men, get the best deal on childcare and make money(see Leslie Bennetts...barfy "feminist chauvinist mistake" ) not liberate women. Go onto MS and google "nanny" in their search engine and nearly nothing comes up.

Thankfully some third wavers like myself are now appreciating that a women like Ms. Welch cand Pam Grier can be beautiful, sexy, classy and a trailblazer without fitting into a prescribed box AND without being exploitative and trashy. many third wavers are also succinctly pointing out what SO many dating and relationship columnists gravely overlook-that men/boys these days are looking for a meal ticket and a free ride off a woman's hard earned money-even men as young as their early 20's! Third wavers don't let this happen to you!