Saturday, September 3, 2011

W.E.: Madonna's 36 million Dollar Anti-Semitic Maxi Pad Commercial

"I had just told them their dog had been run over by car. Actually not a bad photo considering what raving anti-Semites they both were."
- Richard Avedon (he was joking about the dog)

I can't think of two better examples of human refuse than Nazi sympathizers Wallis Simpson and Edward. Wasted looking, colonialist, Ayn Rand style nobodies who represent nothing of value to cultural history. Anne Sebba and Imogen Fox of The Guardian write, "Wallis attended many fashion shows in the front row, cultivating her favourites: Givenchy, Schiaparelli, Dior and Mainbocher..."  Blah blah blah...Who fucking cares? The few reviews of Madonna's cack film W.E. which attempt to side step her abysmal failure are all coming from that same world of "we must dress, eat and fuck to impress others" and what a sad culturally illiterate world of ass kissing Net-a-Porter sheep it is if you are a "Madonna Defence-Bot".  Rar, rar rar "reinvention", dar dar, "she has sold more records than anyone else" bah bah bah "she's the Queen and you are just jealous of her money, fame etc" bah bah etc. Madonna fans are all the same lame sheep who all spew the EXACT same five excuses for her failures and the fact she'll never be an artist or be seen as singularly talented.

Ventia Thompson's wretchedly inept review was perhaps the saddest and came off like Rachel Zoe meets Gunga Din. Thompson writes: "Madonna is able to send out a message loud and clear to young women: stop feeling sorry for yourselves and get a life... Amid the endless whingeing and empty rhetoric of the “feminazis” that seem to dominate all debate on women’s issues, this is certainly a welcome point of view..

But who cares about "getting a life girls" when John Galliano and Leni Riefenstahl are thanked in the credits like sorority sisters during rush week at U of Dachau?  Can you compete with that? You try to fit in with that crowd and you'll get sold out faster than you can say H.U.A.C. And all those "hairy feminazis" who have not been seen since 1994 on the Mills College campus? Well they must annoy the shit out of Ventia and Madonna with all their hatred of  lingerie for children and stripper poles for girl scouts.

People who live off of clothing labels, expensive jewellery, gaudy luxury and emptiness represent some of the lowest and least evolved intelligence on the planet, that's why fascism as a flirtation is a perfect fit for them-it is just so trendy and blithely shocking. Dickens, Twain, Paul Robeson, Sinclair Lewis, Veblen, Reich, Dorothy Day, Harper Lee-THOSE are the geniuses and the outsiders and THEY wrote words that pissed upon that kind of gross, self indulgence. 

"The King suggested a morganatic marriage, where the King would remain King but Wallis would not be Queen, but this was rejected by Baldwin and the Prime Ministers of Australia and South Africa."

Wow, you know if two of the most arcane, backwards racial separatist governments of the 20th century think your marriage is doomed then you're really screwed. I'm sure Madonna and her fans would think it is "PC" to point this out. What fucking idiots gave Madonna the money to make a pile of crap that glorifies this scum anyway?

And if Ken Russell were to be given 36 million dollars to make a film on Wallis Simpson?

You'd get the TRUTH not some 1980s Reagan era version putting flowers on the graves of Bitburg bullshit. The BBC Ominbus film about Richard Strauss, "Dance of The Seven Veils" is still banned by decree of Strauss' descendants until the public domain expires in 2019 because Ken Russell is not a chicken shit conformist  protecting Vichy/Weimar/Dior scum like Madonna is while all the sheep claim she is "brave" and an "outsider."

In his great 1.5 star review of W.E., Guy Lodge wrote: "The irony of thanking two prominent alleged Nazi sympathizers, mere minutes after “W.E.” goes to manful if unconvincing lengths to discredit any suggestions that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor had similar leanings, is incidental, and perhaps a little cheap to pick on, but merely one small symptom of Madonna the Auteur’s astonishing lack of self-awareness"

INCIDENTAL lack of self-awareness MY ASS!  It is called  the ABJECT STUPIDITY that accompanies vile narcissism. Guy, don't make the mistake that the other Guy did; Madonna knows EXACTLY what she's doing.

Here are few choice nuggets clearly demonstrating the paucity of Simpson's values:

"Wallis and Edward married one month later on 3 June 1937 at the Château de Candé, lent to them by Charles Bedaux, who later worked actively for Nazi Germany in World War II"

"The Duke and Duchess lived in France in the pre-war years. In 1937, they made a high profile visit to Germany and met Nazi leader Adolf Hitler at his Berchtesgaden retreat. After the visit, Hitler said of Wallis, "she would have made a good Queen"

"However, Wallis hated Nassau, calling it "our St Helena", in a reference to Napoleon's final place of exile. She was heavily criticised in the British Press for her extravagant shopping in the United States, undertaken when Britain was enduring privations such as rationing and the blackout. Her racist attitudes towards the local population (she called them "lazy, thriving niggers" in letters to her aunt) reflected her upbringing"

I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE. How many Nazi sympathizers is Madonna into? Madonna via her brown nosing turkey of a film and her own wretched words, is smugly defending, white washing and glorifying this crud. She sees Wallis as some new civil rights style beacon for feminists who hate feminists; "much maligned" figure who is "misunderstood and victimised." A white supremacist approved bespoke, Cartier encrusted version of  Ayn Rand (or just a homely facsimile of Eva Peron like madonna herself was).

Speaking of victims? If you can't see by now that Madonna, the New Age colonialist who magically  never did build  "all those schools and colleges"  in Malaiwi that she promised and who in SPIN Magazine 1994 called Black men "the ones who treated me worse than anyone else I've ever dated" while carefully leaving out the fact that Sean Penn was arrested twice for beating the living shit out of her along with all her other  fascist , Hydrangea phobic crap is nothing more than a talentless media generated cash cow  then fuck off back to cleaning Anna Wintour's bidet for free. 

I do not want to know your pathetic ass.

The living dead. Madonna from Swept Away 2000