Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The END of Daniel Richards, President of the Californian Fish and Wildlife Commission

Why should such a sick human be regulating the lives of millions of domestic and wild animals? I hate this kind of red neck scum. Naturally and without violence- may he simply just drop dead. IF a member of ELF gets him then I would not be sad. If he were chased by packs of barking dogs for miles and miles from his home, terrified with fear and shot at point  blank range out of tree I would be very happy.

Daniel Richards did not kill to eat or even to remove a dangerous animal all of which I support if done ethically and monitored. Daniel Richards was not even a starving poor person being used as middleman by poachers or corrupt safari operators.

No, Daniel Richard, the squalid piece human refuse killed a top predator who held a top spot in a vanishing wilderness simply because he could. For that I do personally hope without any threat that his life will be cut short and that in that process he suffers great physical pain and agony.

The death of Daniel Richards will be a beautiful thing when it occurs and many are hoping for this to happen.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


(Update: The fraud is now linking a fake 'super amanda' account to my blog in the comment threads at HELP Mother Monster. THAT IS NOT ME. I AM NOT PART OF ANY LADY GAGA BLOGGER. Totally bogus blog.)

As previously stated, I have a psychotic Madonna fan stalking me who can't accept I dislike their talentless corporate icon. You can see a few of their sick comments in the recent threads below. They impersonate me on Salon, Huffington Post, Perez Hilton, Facebook, You Tube, IndieWire and many other websites.

Now that"Peter Buchanan" (the fraud Examiner rabid Lady Gaga hating "music critic" who ended up being a sock puppet madonna fan accountusing a photo stolen from a Uni Prof. in Wyoming), was exposed the most recent and pathetically transparent attempt is the "Help For Monsters Blog".  The Help For Monsters Blog is such an obvious Crypto-madonna fan blog that it is a joke.  They are lying and claiming that I,  Super Amanda,  suggested they "offer money for negative madonna posts".  A TOTAL LIE! The give away is that they are asking for Huffington Post comments. Sorry, NO ONE under 25 wastes their time on Huffington Post. They also have an "email" contact address so I'll contact them and then they'll get my email.

Not going for it twit.

The stalker also attacks ANYONE who makes a negative Mankdonna comment and accuses them of being "super amanda". Must be tough lately because EVERYONE is sick of Madonna and think she's officially over. I FULLY support their right to legally say whatever they want about me, mock me, lampoon me, call me names etc but falsely claiming I'm a "criminal" and impersonating is ILLEGAL. The Chicago Tribune already removed the stalker's most recent libel and their admins have kindly given my lawyer the user's IP address. We should all be meeting this person here on my blog hopefully within a few weeks at the latest.

I am one of the only bloggers to criticize Madonna using their own name. I deplore and mock her decades long, insipid media choke hold and symbiosis. I DESPISE HER HYPOCRISY FOR RIPPING OFF OTHERS FOR DECADES TOO! It is the prime reason for pop culture's sad nosedive and the rise of meaningless "celebrities" and crap pop music in place of Rock, RnB and Soul. Flea Dip who runs the Madonna Blows Chunks site and I may have different religious and political views but I deeply respect her for being literally being the sole voice online to challenge Madonna's media juggernaut and the low life culture it has spawned.