Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The pain and the rage I feel about zoo animals in war torn areas unparalleled. I'm angry about many things and I'm happy about more but the thought of innocent captive animals abused, starved and tortured to death  creates such turmoil in my mind that I can barely process it. Most of the pain was based around feeling powerless (as in Sarajevo when all the animals slowly died and ate each other and the zookeepers were all killed by snipers) yet now, with the internet, they are no longer left to languish if at all possible. We donate money and brave people arrive to save them.


The people who risked their lives at The Tripoli Zoo these past few months restored my belief that humanity will evolve and save itself. The zoo-keeper in Kabul who gave his life and the keepers who are still their risking everything in both Kabul and Iraq instil within me a feeling an optimistic feeling about others I thought I had lost around the age of 13. Marjan's story goes beyond the realms of fantasy and fiction to prove that you never give up no matter what.
Please donate to the Tripoli Zoo -even a few quid helps.

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